#PoshBoss Gear

Most of my time is spent working in my Poshmark closet and on my Poshmark Makeover Series. A close runner up to that [and biggest surprise] has become designing posh related, wearable advertising for me and my fellow poshers!

Quick background.
I’m wired as an introvert AND an entrepreneur.

Right away, if you are like me, you COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND how much of an oxymoron that is! It’s a daily struggle and a a constant push and pull between what I need to get done [regarding marketing myself] and how I’ll do it. I’m terrible at striking up a conversation, correction, I’m terrified at striking up a conversation. It’s easiest for me to answer questions and I’m more comfortable when others approach me.

I realized facilitating a moment where I’m comfortable was hugely important for the success of my closet. Wearing my posh gear has become that conversation starter I needed to help alleviate some of the anxiety and has been a huge help for me to get my inner boss and introvert to work together.

#PoshBoss gear is fully customizable and everything is available in my Poshmark closet or contact me to brainstorm some ideas for something totally unique to your closet and mission.